What we do

We team up with local artisanal businesses from around the world + create unique collaborated collections which can only be found here, in HEARTISANS. These collections currently include Mexican hand painted garments, embroidered blouses, embroidered caps, as well as Indian hand painted sunglasses. We are building our story and collections one at a time to exclusively offer them out to you here, in Dubai. where we target bold and outgoing people with passion for all the beautiful things in life: travel, art, people, fashion, distinction, and excellence


Why we do it

The products we offer are unique, colorful, flamboyant, expressive, and elegant- distinguishing you from the crowd. We don’t follow trends, neither do we aim to make trends. We make genuine classics. As for our beloved artisans, we aim to promote them by providing them a constant flow of income, recognition of their talent + hard work across the world. 

How we do it

Our purpose is to transmit excitement, love, importance, attention, and real value to our customers + artisans around the world. We aim to do this not through a charity but through a sustainable business that can adapt to people’s needs of expressing themselves and be extraordinary. The combination of our modern designers along with our traditional artisans, make a revolutionary team - preserving cultures and enhancing fashion.

Sarah Kurdi Belendez, founder


So, usually the “about us” page is described in third person, but I want to personally greet you. My story is: I am half Saudi, half Mexican, born in the states, raised in Mexico and Lebanon. I am currently pursuing my undergrad degree in Dubai, UAE. Having traveled most of my life has given me great insight into languages, people, cultures, traditions, food, and art. The beauty in business is to be able to provide true value to people, not just with the product, but through it, and through its complementing services. I want  to share with you all the beautiful moments and experiences I’ve had while traveling, and I really hope I am able to get my message through to you. Welcome to the HEARTISANS family!


Shweta & Saurabh, Shvet Silver    

Shvet is a journey of two siblings who curated the brand, combining fashion and art into a refined conceptualized jewelry collection. A fusion of naive, stylized, and urban themes. Shvet uses the traditional adroit hand techniques with art and sterling silver to create lightweight jewelry. Now, taking part in playing the full role of designing the Heartisans sunglasses, we are ready to together dazzle the globe by combining creative talents of our Indian artists, creating designs inspired by Indian cultural motifs in Delhi and being part of a greater movement. We aren't here just to make a product to sell, but instead to sustain the aesthetic beauty we grew up with.

Angela, Sindashi

Sindashi means "white" in the Otomi language. We chose that name because we imagine a white canvas ready to host the color of our Mexican cultures. Sindashi is a group of of designers, artists, couturiers, and community people working together to create an artesanal piece of art. Our inspirations come from the Mexican cultures like: Mayan, Aztec, Otomi, and Huichol. From these cultures, we paint their most revered symbols and complete a wearable art piece. We are delighted to be part of Heartisans, who is in line with our vision, and who is exporting our beloved cultures and message though Art Made Fashion.

Raquel, Casa Mexa

Hello from Casa Mexa! Given that our mission is to bring Mexico to people's hearts and homes, every single of our efforts is invested in promoting local Mexican products to help our country to be seen for what it really is: colors, smiles, hard work, and passion. We work hand in hand with 35 Otomi artisans from the state of Hidalgo, Mexico. They specialize in Tenango-style embroidery and grew up their whole life embracing those threads, needles, art, as well as each other. At Casa Mexa, we are fully devoted to having just working conditions and are absolute believers of the importance of sustaining local Mexican techniques- including all the embroidery which has been breathed down from our ancestors who persisted in keeping our culture alive and loved. 

Don and Doña, Huichol artists  

This beautiful couple is originally from the San Andres community in Jalisco, Mexico. Married 25 years, they moved to San Miguel over 18 years ago in search for a better life. Their family is composed of 8 kids and 5 grand kids, some which work in their hometown and others working in San Miguel. When asked what they have learnt from the Huichol Art, they replied: “We don’t have a guide, we are born knowing it, it’s our way of life, it’s what we breathe”. Every piece of art they give life to is based on the spiritual, historical, and aesthetic guidance they receive from their culture-rich lifestyle. Every year, they have the “Real de Catorce” celebration to thank their Gods and ask for a prosperous year. Let's all be part of that prayer and help everyone prosper! 

Their humility is regal, their loyalty is strong, and their hearts are massive. They are Heartisans.