What is your warranty policy?

Every product is warranted for 3 months from the date of purchase against manufacturing defects. However, this warranty does not apply to damages caused by consumers’ carelessness.

When can I expect my order?

The courier provides a tracking number for you to have a seamless delivery. Normal delivery time is between 1-4 business days within the United Arab Emirates.

Is shipping included?

Delivery in the UAE is included for all items above $200. We currently don't ship Internationally.

Where are the Artisans from?

We are currently working with artisans in Mexico (Huichol/Otomi/Aztec/Mayan cultures), as well as Indian artisans.

Can I get a customized design?

We encourage you to request any designs that you have in mind. We work with artists who can pretty much make any vision come to life!

What is the cleaning process for the garments?

You can either dry clean with delicate chemicals and steam iron, or hand wash with cold water, delicate soap, and iron inside out. 

Why don’t you give discounts?

We believe discounts devalue the products and the art. Our aim really is to provide you with a beautiful + exciting experience along with extraordinary products. If you feel whatever you receive wasn't worth it, give us a call and we will listen to your expectations and accommodate to your wishes.

Why is your logo a Jaguar? 

At least 6,000 years into the prehispanic culture of ancient Mexico (Mesoamerica), the Jaguar has been the ruler of the Underworld, hence, a symbol of the night's sun and darkness. Representing power, ferocity, and valor, he provides the strength to face one’s fears. Along with the acute physical vision they possess to see into the dark of the night, they also possess the foreknowledge and vision for things to come. The Jaguar often warns of disaster, and has been a messenger to the human beings on earth from the region of the underworld. When the Jaguar makes it’s way through the underworld, he encounters many battles with beasts, which stains his golden fur with the sun’s dark rays.